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Apparent Mach Two 20L

$148.50 Inc.GST

Product Code: AIR-APP7380

Apparent Mach Two Adjuvant is a highly penetrating spray adjuvant suitable for use with certain post emergent herbicides. It improves herbicide performance by utilising the excellent penetration effect of esterified vegetable oils in combination with the wetting and spreading characteristics of non-ionic surfactants.

Apparent Mach Two Adjuvant can be added to certain post emergent herbicides to increase efficiency.
In some situations Apparent Mach Two Adjuvant may reduce selectivity. Care must be exercised when applying Apparent Mach Two Adjuvant with post emergent herbicides on sensitive crops under conditions where plants are subject to drought stress, high temperatures, and high humidity. If in doubt use precaution and trial by application to a small area before committing to a large scale application.

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