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Twist-Tight Post & Stay Connector

Do you want a simple to install and strong stay connector? Rotech Rural’s twist tight post and stay connectors allow you to securely connect a wide range of post and stay sizes with their unique design.

The connector consists of a bolt on clamp and a Twist-Tight tongue.

Rather than flat, the Twist-Tight™ tongue is twisted. This twist covers the whole inside of the stay, resulting in a stronger and more secure hold.

The tongue is tapered at one end so it is easy to install. It then widens at the base and locks in. We have also added a disk at the base to stop water and spiders from getting into your stay.

The tongue itself can be used in wooden posts, or connected to a steel post using our clamps.

Our clamps can easily be wrapped around the post then tightened and connected to the tongue using a single nut and bolt. It’s quick and easy to install and you can run as many stays as you want at any angle.

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